A Seasoned Traveler

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I refer to myself as a seasoned traveler who has traveled,

Since the age of 18 years old. My early trips were my first formal education. During those often far-away destinations I learned about culture, cuisine and the lifestyles led by people living in other countries around the world. It was fascinating as well as challenging, especially with language barriers, time changes, and much more. However, those challenges created an allure, and excited my senses of discovery and exploration.

I would go so far as to say,

“Traveling is an Ivy league education” which is not in school books. Traveling is a hands-on learning curve. I love it all, from glamorous resorts to third-world countries. I continuously stretch myself and absorb as much as possible. My philosophy is: traveling is about having an experience. It creates memories that we will cherish for the rest of their lives. I believe that discovering a new territory is like being a child all over again.

Originally from Long Beach, California,

I grew up loving the ocean and the laid back lifestyle that California embodies. In addition to CA, I lived in NYC for seven years, and now reside on the opposite coast in Miami Beach . Miami ironically is similar to California. Plenty of palm trees, beautiful beaches, multiple languages, and people from all over the world. I have been the travel ambassador for Haute Living magazine for the past five years, specializing in luxury hotels and unique travel destinations. As a daughter of an architect I appreciate the beauty, workmanship, and art that each city brings. Kids Downhill ItalyMy articles cover a wide range of traveling experiences. From a girls’ spa and yoga trip in Ojai to a summer family trip to Italy. I try to tailor each piece depending on the audience. For example…if it’s a family trip with young children I will research the best “kids clubs” coupled with fine linens and a wine bar for the parents. I take great pride in recommending and reporting on each destination. I recognize that vacation time is valuable. It is not an easy task to take the whole family on vacation, such as coordinating schedules and time off work. I understand the often financial sacrifice, hence highlighting the importance of time spent away should be special.

I am the proud mother of three delightful children,

Who teach me about the joy of life every day. I have earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a dual Masters in Mental Health. I have always loved the study of human behavior, and traveling the world certainly brings an ample supply of it. When asked what I have learned from my years of traveling … I simply state … “we are more similar than we are different.” Therefore I learned to value our individuality and differences. Removing one’s self from personal comfort zones is an interesting journey. It’s a time to grow, reflect, and discover new things. And perhaps even learn new things about ourselves. Big or small, expensive or thrifty, there is something for everyone. And while I must admit, fine linens are a nice way to reflect in.

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