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A Tale Of Two Romes

by Alicia Piazza

Rome-PriestsIf you love Rome and long for a hip hotel experience, then Hotel De Russie is the place for you. It is one of Rocco Forte’s luxury hotels located in the center of town on Via del Babuino. This boutique, five-star luxury hotel is a celebrity magnet. The De Russie is visually stunning, but the most interesting aspect of the hotel might be the palpable energy of this rock and roll favorite. If you are lucky enough to be able to book a room, you’ll get to experience the vibe, which reaches a fever pitch in the lobby.

Hallways are wide and dimly lit; rooms are spacious and luxurious, designed with an immaculate blend of soft, Italian fabrics with contemporary touches throughout. Most rooms have views of the garden, making you feel like you are in a private home that’s situated in the middle of all the action. Walk down to the patio garden to enjoy a super Tuscan and first-rate people watching.

Every great hotel has a spa, and the De Russie has and excellent one with an indoor, warm salt-water whirlpool. I particularly enjoyed the fresh complementary smoothie of natural ingredients. But it’s not just inside; once you step outside the De Russie, you are in good company. It’s located on the same street as Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana, just to name a few of the high end shopping locations. You can achieve all your shopping needs within steps from the hotel. The De Russie is like a fashion model: beautiful, sexy, and living in just the right neighborhood. But if you want something more classic Italian, then perhaps the Rome Cavalieri may be better suited…

Nestled in the hills of Rome is the beloved Rome Cavalieri, which is a Waldorf Astoria Resort. For 50 years, the Rome Cavalieri has been one of the Eternal City’s leading hotels. It has something almost unheard of in Rome: 15-acres of lushly landscaped property. The grounds provide two red clay tennis courts, three swimming pools, a Japanese stone walk, fitness trails, and a garden perfect for peaceful walks. Then, cozy up by the outdoor wood-burning fireplace.

The furniture and art include original sofas by Karl Lagerfeld and rare 18th century antiques. The art throughout the hotel is exquisite; it includes paintings from Andy Warhol and Robert Indian, among others. Every room is equipped with a private balcony and gorgeous views of the city. But amidst this classical décor, hides state-of-the-art technology in every room.


This is a grand European experience that is wonderful for true romance or a place that the whole family can enjoy. You can even have your pets join you on the trip. The hotel offers pet setting and pet spa treatments as well as a special doggy menu. No member of the family is excluded.

The Rome Cavalieri is most famous for its spa, by providing every treatment your heart desires; indoor pools and European baths, as well as king size massage tables. After a long day of shopping and walking through the streets of Rome, to the nearby the coliseum, it will be a perfect rejuvination for aching feet .

One of the restaurants boasts not only panoramic views of the city from the terrace, but also three Michelin stars. Views of the Vatican City abound from all over the hotel, which make the sights of Rome even more breathtaking. It is the home of the Vatican, in which it’s central dome dominates Rome’s skyline. The Vatican took some 120 years to build, and Michelangelo was the principle designer. It is considered the Epic or [Mecca] of Christianity. It is regarded as one of the holiest catholic sites, and it is also where everyone recently congregated to welcome the new Pope Francis I. One can now find him there during a lavish Sunday ceremony about once a month. These services are actually free and open to the public; however, tickets must be arranged prior to the mass.

Rome is the most romantic place in the world and the food, culture, and history are unmatched. From wheels up to wheels down, you will enter a world unlike any other past experience. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been here before, Rome is a place that can be revisited many times, like an old lover that is and never will be forgotten.

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