Haute Ambassador


by Alicia Piazza

Amanyara-3-LRAmanyara means, “peaceful place,” so if you’re looking to decompress, in luxurious, yet natural surroundings, this is the place. I traveled to Amanyara for a “baby moon”, so for me, it was ideal. Every need is attended to with outstanding service Aman resorts are known for, yet we had complete privacy.

The white sandy beaches and turquoise waters were oustanding, but what really makes Amanyara unique is the beautiful Asian architecture. Asian-style villas are centered around a luxurious infinity pool and pond, creating a truely zen experience.

I enjoyed lounging outside on our villa’s patio, and watching dolphins swim by. There is a wonderful reef for snorkeling was only 5 minutes by boat, which is a pretty romantic thing to do. There are tennis courts and instructors as well as private yoga instruction, but I found this resort to be a place to reflect and slow down. The atmosphere is so peaceful, it allowed me to clear my mind and feel nature. It is rare to return from a trip and be so centered, rejuvenated, and above all, relaxed – but I did.

Amanyara-2One of the most important aspects of any vacation is the food and Amanyara’s is top notch. The menu features classic Asian and modern Mediterranean cuisine with an emphasis on fresh seafood. Every meal was artistic and healthy and each dish is perfectly portioned and beautifully plated and created with tons of intention. This kind of attention to detail is what makes Amanyara and Aman resorts so special and, at the top of my travel destination list.

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