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The Rebirth of Casablanca

by Alicia Piazza

Casablanca-FreshcatchThe newly remodeled Casablanca, a much-lauded Miami eatery owned by brothers Jorge and Lazaro Sanchez, boasts a new bar (located in the center of the restaurant) which widened the galley that runs parallel to the Miami River.

On Friday, I traveled to Casablanca by boat for lunch with my in-laws, and much to my surprise, the restaurant was reborn. Always packed with loyal patrons, the restaurant attracts customers for their unmatched quality of fish, mostly caught locally. And with the renovation, the restaurant is now able to accommodate even more guests.

While I was there, eight fishermen arrived with fresh catch, including a 60lb barracuda. One of the owners, Jorge Sanchez, informed me that he sends out between 18 and 20 fishermen daily. From the fresh Mahi Mahi to the whole Yellowtail Snapper, it’s virtually impossible to go wrong when ordering anything on the menu.

Casablanca is a culinary staple in Miami, and one of my favorite local restaurants. What could be better than an afternoon by the water spent enjoying the fresh catch of the day? With a Cuban twist, of course (in true Miami fashion).

Casablanca’s Head Chef is Mario Tajun.

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