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The Ritz Carlton, Naples: Worth Every Penny

by Alicia Piazza

Ritz-Beach-EntranceIf you’re looking for something to do with your kids over Spring Break, I recommend visiting the Ritz Carlton in Naples. That is, of course, if there’s availability.

I had long awaited a trip to the Ritz in Naples to see what all the hoopla was about, and at first, I didn’t really “get it.” The rooms and lobby are beautiful, with a level of service that is always consistent, but it wasn’t until I passed the pool that I understood what made this property truly special. The beach is exquisite, with smooth water, mangroves, light sand and a top-notch wrap around bar and restaurant, Gumbo Limbo. It’s at this restaurant where you can sit above ground level and take in the view, get a glimpse of dolphins, enjoy a high tea on the weekends and become acquainted with guests from all over Naples. The fish tacos were also delightful.

And if you think that all Ritz Carlton resorts are the same, then think again. They each have their own personality, but share a common thread that focuses on great service. Once you pass the pool and take the boardwalk to the ocean, there are beachside cubbies to store your sandals. I found these utterly charming!

So, is this place a little commercial? Yes, I have to say that it is on some level. However, kids do love commercial! They absolutely adore crowded pools and beaches with other families around. Parents want wine and service, and I think that this place encompasses happiness for all. At least it did for us.

Rooms average at around $1,000 a night during high season (ouch), but hey, its family time. And that’s worth every penny.

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